RGB Daily - Monday, April 21, 2014

Tribeca 2014 Review: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict: ALEX OF VENICE is Guilty of Being Great

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Life is hard, struggle is real. There should be a class in college that teaches about how life really works -- lots of disappointment, heartbreak and starting...

Chag sameach, part 2

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I will not be posting anything until at least Tuesday night.Chag sameach!

Tribeca 2014 Review: DER SAMURAI Giveth (Head) and It Taketh (Head) Away

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Der Samurai is the type of film I live for: well made and weird. I count myself lucky if I come across a film like this once every festival or so (unless that...

The liberals who pretend to care about Arab antisemitism

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We've written about the recent incident with Brandeis reversing its invitation for Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak and receive an honorary degree.We've also written about how Brandeis...

Easter: Experiencing God's Radical Transformation

Lavender bloomsEaster is not merely about the cycle of life and the return of greenery after its hibernation through winter. It’s about God’s radical transformation of us...

15 Great Easter Decoration Ideas

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If you are looking for ideas how to decorate for Easter, I’d like to share some Easter ideas that could be inspirational. There is still some time to catch up. I hope you will...

I introduced the Cadbury Creme Egg to the USA.

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Once upon a time I meet a boy. He was different from others I’d dated—in myriad ways—one being he frequently told me he couldn’t wait for our...

I’m One Destination Wedding Photographer Honoured To Share Shriradha & David’s Destination Wedding I Photographed In Kolkata India

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Good evening from EPHQ everyone!  As I’m sure you’ve seen on Twitter & Facebook everything has been going at break neck speeds since my return from photographing...

An India Story

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Today I write an India Story. The reason why I entitle this blog so is that this little story reflects how things work in our beloved land. In an earlier blog I had mentioned how...

Assume a Can Opener

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Once upon a time, O Dearly Beloved, a cruise ship carrying a convention of scientists and social scientists collided somewhere in the South Pacific with a floating shipping...

Frustration turns to anger as relatives clash with Korean police

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Distraught relatives of hundreds of missing people inside a sunken South Korean ferry clashed with police on Sunday as coastguard divers retrieved more bodies from the ship

Past Passovers

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The Huffington Post has a fascinating collection of historical Passover photos from around the world.

The Pope's challenge to the free market

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The papal message about income inequality is resonating both inside and outside of the church.

Cheers to Life with a Jamaican Sorrel Cocktail

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A music video by the future governor of California.

8 Shocking Things Used By Surveillance Industry to WATCH YOU!

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The 100 billion dollar data mining complex is watching you, and they've enlisted the help of some very strange everyday objects.

Detroit to auction vacant homes online. Starting bid: $1,000

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In its ongoing battle to fight blight, Detroit is launching a website where it will auction off vacant homes seized in tax foreclosures.

Faberge Easter Eggs...in Polish

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This is the egg-decorating packet we bought at the Euro grocery.The directions are in Polish.  Sadly, Krakovianka is not nearby to translate.  But I did find a video...

Nas Teams up with GA to Sponsor Minorities in Tech

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The tech industry has a diversity issue. Nas is doing his best to help narrow the diversity gap. He recently teamed up with General Assembly, the New York City private vocational...

Video: Sunken Korea ferry relatives give DNA swabs to help identify dead

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Relatives of the more than 200 children missing in a sunken South Korean ferry offer DNA swabs to help identify the dead, as the rescue operation turns into a mission to recover...

Video: Masai Ujiri apologizes after lobbing F-bomb at Brooklyn

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The Toronto Raptors general manager apologized Saturday after publicly using a slur towards Brooklyn, as his team faces the Nets in the NBA playoffs. Masai Ujiri said he was...

Video: Raptors coach chalks up Game 1 loss to playoff 'kinks'

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Raptors coach Dwane Casey says early foul trouble hurt the team's chances in a Game 1 NBA playoffs loss to Brooklyn Saturday. Nets coach Jason Kidd says he wasn't...

Tribeca 2014: In 'When the Garden Was Eden,' a basketball paradise

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Phil Jackson's emergence from retirement to take over basketball operations for the New York Knicks last month completes a basketball circle that began, of course, when the...

Video: Raptors fans catch playoff fever

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Excited sports fans cheered on the Toronto Raptors today as the team played its first playoff game in six years. Zuraidah Alman reports.

BBC Me – no Archers, and no Fiona Bruce

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Back in the 2000s, when attending the annual New Year’s Eve party thrown  by some old friends, I sometimes used to bump into the then controller of BBC Radio 4, Mark Damazer....

How to picture child poverty: The Mirror may have used a stock photo, but there was nothing fake about the story

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Twitter is many things, and one of them is a gigantic classroom full of insufferable swots with their hands up going “Me! Me! I know! I know!” You cannot get away with...

US consultants: From swingometers to social media

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American cultural imperialism – where in Britain will it ever end? TV shows, movies, music of every hue, even an assortment of Premier League goalkeepers; the eastward flood...

Why Labour is losing the immigration debate

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In just over a month, after an extraordinary campaign, voters will go to the polls at the European election. Extraordinary because, when it comes to the central contest between...

Why Pope Francis should allow priests to wed

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Among the select group of old friends back in Argentina whom Pope Francis rings regularly from Rome was, until her recent death, Clelia Podesta. In 1972 she had married his...

Out there: Clicks of the trade

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Last week it was the “World’s Toughest Job” video that promised to “blow your mind”, next week some other clip will do the rounds promising to “change the way you...

In praise of Victoria Beckham

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Convincing one’s subjects of the monarchy’s value is an ongoing PR battle for the Royal Family and this week the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been on the front line....

Let’s call time on French‑bashing

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The French are angry. Usually, they ignore what the perfidious British write about them. This time they are very angry. According to an absurd story going viral on the internet,...

NSA Surveillance

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There are numerous questions about NSA surveillance:  How much is going on, what information does it actually capture, are government officials telling us the truth, has it...

The parable of the PM and the jellyfish

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As far as I can remember, jellyfish did not figure among the plagues visited on Egypt in the Old Testament. So perhaps God was improvising when he sent a member of this tentacled...

CDC Raises Concerns Over Culture Test for Lyme Disease

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The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has reviewed published methods and results for a new laboratory-developed test for Lyme disease. The test involves a culture...

Nas' 10 Best Concept Songs

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Whether kicking a story backwards or channeling a gun or a prison cell, Nas can make any concept song sound like a movie. Here are Nas' 10 best concept songs.

Check Out A Clip From Christopher Denham's PRESERVATION

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Fresh from the world premiere of Christopher Denham's Preservation at Tribeca a new clip from the survival horror picture has arrived online. Here's how the...

Poetry and Gargoyle

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View From the Ledge knows how to take a trip:Then off on our last leg up to Troy where we spent the weekend with family. We reserved a morning where the Brunette and I could go...

First Teaser For Alan Mak and Felix Chong's OVERHEARD 3

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Directors Alan Mak and Felix Ching are headed back to Hong Kong screens with the third installment of their Overheard thriller series. True to form with the...

Nas Reflects on Beefs with Biggie, Jay Z and 2Pac

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Nas is a battle-tested rapper. He's traded insults with Biggie, 2Pac and Jay Z, among others. As we mark the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, Nas paused to reflect on some of...

Vampire Lothario In Bushwick! Check The Poster And Trailer For Quirky Tribeca Selected Horror Comedy SUMMER OF BLOOD

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Something very odd is headed to Tribeca with Onur Tukel's Summer Of Blood. Imagine, if you will, Woody Allen as a child of the mumblecore movement making a...

Dragon Cake - The Cake Bucket List Gets Shorter!

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cakelava.comLast month, cakelava observed 9 years in business! In each of those 9 years, Rick made hundreds of beautiful custom cakes, and I've had the pleasure of communicating...

Rewind: Nas is Better Than He's Ever Been

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Nas. Rakim. KRS One. Kanye West. It's an emcee's dream session. Take a trip down memory lane and relive the star-studded "Better Than I've Ever Been/Classic."

Kelis Solves Life is Good Puzzle

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The cover of Nas' 2012 album Life is Good shows a solemn Nas clutching a green dress. It resembles the same dress Nas' ex-wife Kelis wore on their wedding day. But Kelis...

The Pathological Potential of the Prep Pad

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New York Times health columnist Catherine Saint Louis recently covered the many upsides of a spanking new food analyzing device called the Prep Pad. In addition to weighing just...

I conti in tasca al missile orbitale riutilizzabile di SpaceX

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di Paolo G. CalissePaolo G. Calisse è una vecchia conoscenza di questo blog. Di professione fa l'astronomo ed ha collaborato con vari progetti internazionali, incluso ALMA,...

THE SAND STORM, A New Sci-fi Short Starring Chinese Artist And Political Activist Ai Wei Wei

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Ai Wei Wei is China's most influential contemporary artist, active in numerous fields (sculpture, installation, architecture, photography, and more...), as well...

Review: Lav Diaz's NORTE: THE END OF HISTORY is a Masterpiece That Tackles Human Strife

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History is often written to objectify the past into a series of related events that lead to the present. As a result, it tends to glorify milestones to the...

What Dame Dash Thinks of "Ether"

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Speaking of Nas and beefs, who knows better about the subject than one of Nas' former adversaries. Dame Dash was Jay Z's business partner when Nas and Jay were embroiled in their...

How the tools of His trade would one day be the tools of His death

We often think of Jesus in strictly Holy terms. The mental images are created by paintings or movies or pictures in the back of the Children’s Bible are clear. Walking among...