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Jake Bugg review: The kids are a bit messed up but he keeps record straight

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Jake Bugg

Six people rescued from damaged fishing boat off Portland

Australia   1
Six people on a small fishing boat that was filling with water off the coast of Portland in Victoria’s west are being ferried back to safety.

Rioting crowd severely beats 5 chengguan for killing civilian [Viewer discretion advised]

China   1
A riot involving around 1,000 people broke out last Saturday in Cangnan county of Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, resulting in the hospitalization of five chengguan, China's...

Mondays with Myrt - 21 April 2014

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DearREADERS,What's Mondays with Myrt? Folks tell me it's like no other genealogy meeting you've attended - on or off the web. FREE-FORM? Yes. TRENDING genealogy topics? Yes. Come...

Always something new

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I've lost track of the number of times I've been to Brussels over the last 12 years. I'm sure it's into double figures by now. And while fixtures like A La Bécasse (right) and...

Martin Bril: de scherpste observator van zijn tijd of copywriter?

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Achter de 'schelmenstreken' van Martin Bril, die vijf jaar geleden overleed, ging een gedesillusioneerd schrijver schuil. De grote roman waarvan ...

Tiener overleeft vijf uur in landingsgestel

Netherlands   2
Een Amerikaanse tiener heeft verstopt in het ruim van het landingsgestel van een vliegtuig de vlucht van Californië naar Hawaï gemaakt. ...

Bob Carr: The Neville Wran I knew

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Former NSW premier Bob Carr reflects on Neville Wran, under whose premiership he served as a minister.

Flamboyant Geelong mayor Darryn Lyons falls off galloping horse at Barwon Heads

Australia   2
Geelong mayor Darryn Lyons has been thrown from a galloping horse while filming a tourism video at Barwon Heads on Monday.

Asher Keddie marries Vincent Fantauzzo in Fiji

Australia   1
Asher Keddie has married her artist boyfriend Vincent Fantauzzo in a secret barefoot ceremony in Fiji.

Alleged orgy-goer, rumormonger Charles Xue apologizes after being released on bail

China   1
Chinese-American social commenter Charles Xue, widely known online as Xue Manzi, apologized on Saturday after being released on bail pending trial for accusations of dabbling in...

Natuurbrand Hoge Veluwe vergt nabluswerk

Netherlands   2
De natuurbrand die gisteren ruim 500 hectare hei en bos in de as legde op de Hoge Veluwe, is vannacht niet opnieuw opgelaaid. Er zijn nog een ...

China headed to become the 'world's most Christian nation'

China   2
China, officially an atheist country, is on the fast track to being home to the world's largest Christian congregation—surpassing the US, Mexico and Brazil—with its...

Easter 2014

Moms  Australia   2
It was quiet. Very, very quiet. Thanks mostly to a combination of my not feeling particularly well, and a chilly change in the weather that, while expected and typical, always...

World Bank preparing to implement plans to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030

Future  Nanotechnology   2
The World Bank has a 30 page document that is the beginning of their plan to help eliminate extreme (less than $1.25 per day) poverty The document is called Prosperity for all.To...

Helium Ion milled double layer graphene is the thinnest porous nanomembrane and can be used for waterproof material and gas separation

Future  Nanotechnology   2
Researchers have produced a stable porous membrane that is thinner than a nanometre. This is a 100,000 times thinner than the diameter of a human hair. The membrane consists of...

2,5 miljoen zien PEC de beker winnen

Netherlands   1
Bijna 2,5 miljoen mensen hebben zondag op televisie gezien hoe PEC Zwolle de KNVB-beker won. De huldiging trok al bijna evenzoveel kijkers, ...

Hoge Veluwe weer open na verwoestende brand

Netherlands   2
Een dag na de grote brand die ongeveer 527 hectare bos en heide heeft verwoest, is het Nationale Park Hoge Veluwe weer bereikbaar. Twee van de ...

Personal Trainer Says She is Bullied for Working Out While Pregnant

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A woman in Southern California says she is subjected to verbal abuse for working out while she is pregnant. Read more...

Man beaten after confessing old affair with woman at her funeral

China   2
A man and his son were charged with assault after they beat up another fellow who confessed that he'd once had an affair the wife of a widower—at the her funeral. [ more...

Tribeca 2014 Review: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict: ALEX OF VENICE is Guilty of Being Great

Movies   2
Life is hard, struggle is real. There should be a class in college that teaches about how life really works -- lots of disappointment, heartbreak and starting...

Beautiful: Dalian seashore glows blue thanks to wonders of nature

China   2
Visitors to the Daheishi Coast in Dalian, Liaoning province got to witness this magical little spectacle of nature over the weekend as a the water along the seashore began...

52 days to the World Cup: Jericoacoara

Brazil   1
Copyright ©2014 Brazil Travel Blog. Visit the original article at http://www.braziltravelblog.com/2014/04/21/52-days-world-cup-jericoacoara/. If you are reading this on a page...

President Zuid-Korea acht bemanning veerboot schuldig aan moord

Netherlands   1
De Zuid-Koreaanse president Park Geun-hye heeft het gedrag van de bemanning van de veerboot Sewol 'onacceptabel' genoemd. Hij stelt de ...

Michelle Obama speelt gastrol in tv-serie Nashville

Netherlands   1
Michelle Obama is volgende maand te zien in de Amerikaanse televisieserie Nashville. De First Lady zal zichzelf spelen in één ...

Boston maakt zich op voor een beladen marathon

Netherlands   2
De stad Boston maakt zich op voor een beladen editie van zijn beroemde marathon. Voor een groot deel is het desalniettemin 'business as usual', ...

French Journalists Held Hostage in Syria Describe Nightmare Ordeal

Entrepreneurship  Gossip   2
Four French journalists who were kidnapped and held hostage in Syria for ten months say that despite the nightmare ordeal, they never lost hope. Read more...

Walter the Miniature Pinscher Gets a Second Chance at Life

Feminism  Gossip  Celebrity   2
Meet Walter, a Miniature Pinscher who is getting a second chance at a happy life after spending a year locked in a cage. Read more...

Vietnam May Get Domestic Partnerships, Still Repressive Elsewise

Feminism  Gossip  Celebrity   2
LGBT rights are coming to Vietnam much more quickly than other parts of Southeast Asia. The Communist Party of Vietnam has not interfered with gay rights activists nor prohibited...

Employment among Shanghai youth down 23%

China   2
The city has seen a 22.5% employment drop among Shanghai's youth within the past two years, Shanghai Daily reports. [ more › ]

Vicepresident Joe Biden voor overleg naar Oekraïne

Netherlands   1
De Amerikaanse vicepresident Joe Biden gaat maandag naar Oekraïne om gesprekken te voeren met onder meer president Oleksandr Toertsjinov en ...

Multilingual Lessons for Pre-K through Second Grade Students

Education   1
The Early Childhood Education Network's Literacy Center provides young students with online learning activities in four languages. The Literacy Center provides tutorials and games...

The French Invasion

Archaeology   2
 Gabriel and Juliette In the MesoAmerican Research Center Lab of UCSBSince 1998, the ISBER/MesoAmerican Research Center has sponsored French geospatial engineering interns...

Know Your Lore: 5 influential moments in Warcraft lore

Gaming   2
The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You're playing the game, you're fighting the bosses, you know the how -- but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and...

Postume roman Gabriel García Márquez ophanden

Netherlands   1
De kans is groot dat er postuum een roman Gabriel García Márquez verschijnt. Dat heeft Cristobal Pera van uitgeverij Random House ...

Dozens of Virtual Tours and Webcams On One Google Map

Education   1
Angela Hamblen is a high school school Social Studies teacher in Kentucky that I've had the pleasure of meeting at ISTE conferences and presenting with at EdTechTeacher.org...

The French Invasion

 Gabriel and Juliette In the MesoAmerican Research Center Lab of UCSBSince 1998, the ISBER/MesoAmerican Research Center has sponsored French geospatial engineering interns...

Keeper in Gabon krijgt voet op hoofd en overlijdt

Netherlands   1
In het West-Afrikaanse land Gabon is een keeper overleden na een botsing met een speler tijdens een wedstrijd. Sylvain Azougoui, de keeper van ...

Model Says Terry Richardson Offered Her a Vogue Shoot for Sex

Feminism  Gossip  Celebrity   1
Model Emma Appleton posted a screenshot of a message she says is from Terry Richardson, offering her a chance to be featured in a Vogue shoot in exchange for sex. Read more...

Charlie Brown with Gianna After Dessert!

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Supporters verwelkomen spelers PEC Zwolle

Netherlands   1
Een grote groep supporters heeft in de nacht van zondag op maandag de spelers van PEC Zwolle verwelkomd bij het stadion van de kersverse ...

33 arrestaties bij finale wegens vuurwerk en dronkenschap

Netherlands   1
In en rond stadion De Kuip in Rotterdam zijn zondag bij de bekerfinale tussen PEC Zwolle en Ajax 33 mensen gearresteerd. Dat heeft de politie ...

Acht doden bij crash vliegtuigje Mexico

Netherlands   2
Bij de crash van een klein vliegtuig zijn in Mexico alle acht inzittenden om het leven gekomen. De Hawker 800 stortte neer in een industriegebied ...

Brand in Gibraltar legt online gokgiganten lam

Netherlands   2
In Gibraltar heeft zich zondag een explosie en brand voorgedaan in een elektrische centrale. Dat zorgde niet enkel voor een dikke zwarte ...

Fed-Up Kid Exacts Revenge on Arcade Claw Machine

Entrepreneurship  Gossip   2
A little girl finally figured out how to beat the impossible claw machine odds.Read more...

SoCal Del Taco Accidentally Charges Customers Thousands

Feminism  Gossip  Celebrity   2
A Southern California Del Taco is in a bit of hot water after a credit card glitch accidentally caused several customers to be charged thousands of dollars for their meals.Read...

Sunday Night Sign-Off: Remembering Columbine

Feminism  Gossip  Celebrity   2
With all the Weedster commotion going on, it's easy to forget that today is also the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado. The devastating...

Chag sameach, part 2

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I will not be posting anything until at least Tuesday night.Chag sameach!

Warlords of Draenor: Cooking reagents

Gaming   2
Cooking? Maybe not the most exciting profession ever, nor the most exciting thing to datamine. However, I have a strange love for seeing what gross ingredients will be going into...

Koeweit verbiedt twee kranten na publicaties coupplannen

Netherlands   1
De regering in Koeweit heeft twee kranten een tijdelijk publicatieverbod opgelegd naar aanleiding van berichtgeving over mogelijke coupplannen in ...