RGB Daily - Friday, April 25, 2014

More on Sony Curved Sensor Paper

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VLSI Symposia tipsheet publishes a re-phrased version of Sony curved image sensor paper abstract accompanied by a figure:"Curved CMOS Image System: When light transmitted by a...

The best social media campaigns from auto brands

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Most brands would kill for the mega marketing dollars behind even the smallest of automotive brands. So it's no surprise that some of the slickest and most luxurious ad campaigns...

The marketing jobs with the fastest turnover

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Change happens a lot in our industry. If you're not comfortable with it, you're probably not in the right place. Companies experiment with new roles and angles by which they can...

6 top social media management tools

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As a social media marketer, you are tasked not only with staying up with the latest trends and networks but also with making sure you are reaching your audiences using the best...

Marketing jargon translated for normal people

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I know I've gone on semantic rants before, most recently with regard to the marketing acronyms that make us all sound silly or needlessly confuse one another. Frankly, such rants...

6 steps for getting your brand into their heads

Marketing  Advertising 
The ad slogan "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is" probably activates an earworm to every reader over the age of 50. Earworms are musical sound bytes -- marketing...

MAC Lickable: Swatch and review

Nell'ultima escursione in un Mac store sono stata accompagnata dalla mia amica Mary! Prima di darci allo shopping, Mary mi ha mostrato i suoi tesori: tra questi...

Guide to surviving the boomer clone apocalypse

Baby Boomers 
As if baby boomers didn't act crazy enough the first time around. The post Guide to surviving the boomer clone apocalypse appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Jovi and Joan’s Engagement Shoot and Wedding

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We shot Jovi and Joan’s engagement shoot at Tagaytay Highlands a few weeks before their wedding. Jeff and I can’t get enough of these two! We hit it off on musical...

Watch Dany’s Speech In Meereen From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Episode 3 (Video)

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With all the controversy surrounding that scene between Jaime and Cersei on last week's episode of Game Of Thrones, another part of this third installment of Season 4 was largely...

17 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a Family

Let's be honest, most Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo solely as an excuse to indulge in one too many margaritas. But did you know that there are also plenty of family-friendly...

4 Marine Corps Combat Leadership Lessons Every Man Should Learn

Culture  Humor  Men 
Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Jeff Clement. I did two deployments to Afghanistan as a US Marine Corps logistics officer, and led hundreds of Marines, Sailors,...

New ‘Friday The 13th’ TV Series Being Developed

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While we wait to see where the next movie in the Friday the 13th franchise takes us, another project involving Jason Voorhees has begun to materialize. It's being reported that a...

How to Survive a Lightning Strike: An Illustrated Guide

Culture  Humor  Men 
The best way to survive a lightning strike is to avoid being outdoors in the first place. Use the 30/30 Rule: If, after seeing lightning, you can’t count to 30 before...

Microsoft CEO Nadella: This is 'gold-rush time'

Microsoft's transition to a mobile-first world is "gold-rush time in terms of being able to capitalize on this opportunity," Satya Nadella said today in a conference call with...

NYPD’s Use of Social Media Becomes Public Relations Disaster

New York Police Outreach Becomes PR Disaster "An exercise in social media outreach turned #epicfail Tuesday when users flooded the Twittersphere with some of the NYPD's...

RNC Chair Priebus Denounces Rancher Bundy’s ‘Negro’ Rant, but GOP’s Race Problems Continue

On Thursday, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus forcefully denounced Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s controversial comments about slavery. In a statement to...

Puff Daddy Creates #DiddySpeechHU For Howard Commencement Speech Writing Help

Last week, it was announced that Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs would be Howard University’s 2014 commencement speaker and he would also receive an honorary doctorate in humanities...

Joss Whedon Says Ultron Is “Genuinely Disturbed” and “Everything A Robot Never Is”

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Ultron is one of the most complex villains the Marvel Universe has come across, so for him to appear in the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron could change the way we see our...

Video: Andy Warhol, ‘Hedwig’ and ‘Snow White’

Culture  Books 
A look at some of the cultural highlights in New York this week.

Movie Review: Jodorowsky’s Dune

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Jodorowsky's Dune Director: Frank Pavich Cast: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Brontis Jodorowsky, H. R. Giger, Chris Foss, Michel Seydoux, Gary Kurtz, Nicolas Winding Refn, Drew...

Orange County Family History Fair

I had a great time speaking at the Orange County Family History Conference last weekend. I had heard about this conference many times and knew the Family History Center had a...

How to Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For a Promotion

Career  Leadership 
Guest post from Karin Hurt: You think you’re ready to be promoted. Your boss… not so much. Perhaps she’s known you for years and she still has an outdated view...

Sony Presents 2nd Generation 13MP Stacked Sensor for Smartphones

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Sony presents 13MP IMX214 sensor, already featuring in Oppo Find 7 and OnePlus One smartphones. The 1/4-inch 1.12um pixel IMX214 is said to be "the industry's first 13M-Pixel CMOS...

Peter Jackson Reveals Third ‘Hobbit’ Movie Title; NOT ‘There and Back Again’

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For as long as we've known that The Hobbit would be adapted into a new trilogy of movies it feels like we've known that one of the movies was going to be titled The Hobbit: There...

Anatomy of a Scene: Video of ‘Blue Ruin’

Culture  Books 
Jeremy Saulnier, the writer and director of "Blue Ruin," narrates a sequence from his film.

James Earl Jones to Star on Broadway in ‘You Can’t Take It With You’

Culture  Books 
Mr. Jones will return in the first Broadway revival of “You Can’t Take It With You” in 30 years.

We Finally Get to See Leslie Mann’s Press Tour Bag Choice

Beauty  Bags 
The stars of the upcoming revenge comedy The Other Woman have been jet-setting all over the world these past two weeks to promote their new flick, but actress Leslie Mann has been...

Fighting a Silent Epidemic: Viral Hepatitis in the African American Community

Editor’s note: During the observance of Minority Health Month, we are pleased to share a guest post from Dr. Nadine Gracia highlighting activities to address one of the...

Cliven Bundy May be Today’s Least Popular Person On Twitter

The lyrics “I see your true colors shining through” were made famous by Cyndi Lauper, but today, they apply to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.  Bundy’s recent comments...

Ex-LulzSec snitch coordinated international cyber attacks for the FBI

Gadgets  Geek 
Hector "Sabu" Monsegur has a dubious history in the hacking community, and thanks to a new report, that's not going to change anytime soon.

Hotels: Occupancy Rate, RevPAR decrease in latest weekly survey

Investing  Money  Finance 
From HotelNewsNow.com: US hotels report occupancy, RevPAR decreases The U.S. hotel industry reported occupancy and revenue-per-available-room decreases during the week of 13-19...

Fantastic math word problems

Here's a weird/funny/fantastic math problem... But it also kind of highlights the word problems we often see in math books - like some have noted, it's only in math classes that...

Google Street View lets users travel back in time

Google Inc. launched a new Maps feature that lets users travel back in time by comparing seven years worth of Street View images with current photos of the same spot. For...

Google, Facebook, Cisco, Intel pitch in $3M to thwart next Heartbleed security disaster

After the Heartbleed computer-security hole affected as many as two-thirds of active websites, at least 13 technology companies from Google to Cisco Systems and Facebook are...

Haters Need to Stop Criticizing Beyoncé’s Time Magazine Cover

Evidently it’s the “list” time of year, and so far black girls are winning. On Tuesday, People magazine debuted its 50 Most Beautiful issue, starring none other than media...

Plainclothes Cops Shoot Philly Pizza Delivery Guy Wearing Hoodie 

Philippe Holland was heading back to his car Tuesday night after making his last stop for his pizza delivery job; he didn't have his pizza bag with him, Philly.com reports,...

Gene therapy could restore lost hearing

Gadgets  Geek 
Scientists will inject people who have lost their hearing with a gene that causes damaged cells in their ears to regenerate.

Disney In Depth: 15 Amazing ‘Frozen’ Cover Videos (Part 1)

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How can you qualify and quantify audiences' love for Frozen? Watch the supply of videos stocked on YouTube, showcasing creative parodies and renditions of Frozen songs, and then...

Base jumping from the world's tallest building is terrifyingly insane

Gadgets  Geek 
These two base jumpers make leaping off the Burj Khalifa look easy. Don't try this at home kids.

Opera Philadelphia to Take On Andy Warhol

Culture  Books 
“ANDY: A Popera,” is planned for 2015, but parts of the work will be performed in the months ahead.

Check Out Our Favorite Pups on Instagram this Week

Beauty  Bags 
While most of our Instagram feed tends to be fashion-filled (with sprinkles of seriously good food porn), few things are as cute as some of the pups we follow. This week,...

How to use your new Medicaid or CHIP coverage

Now that you’ve joined the millions of Americans enrolled in the Medicaid program or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), it’s important to use your new coverage....

My mom calls me 'Phlegm' and other stories from Take Our Daughters (and Sons) to Work Day

The first thing you should know is that both my parents are nurses, so my tolerance for disgusting discussions and gross nicknames is extremely high. The second thing you should...

Amazon is tired of getting picked on, researcher says

Amazon.com wants all online retailers to collect sales tax because its tired of getting picked on, researcher Brian Baugh says. Seattle-based Amazon is the only online retailer...

Lost digital Warhols rediscovered on an old floppy disk from 1985

Gadgets  Geek 
Watching this pop art icon doodle around on a PC from the 1980s really brings home how far digital art has come over the years.

Tribeca Film Festival: A Thriller Director Who’s Afraid of Blood

Culture  Books 
Talking with Christopher Denham, whose "Preservation" is playing in the Tribeca Film Festival.

Ben Heppner to Retire From Singing

Culture  Books 
Mr. Heppner, the leading Wagnerian tenor of his generation, said that he is retiring from opera and concert singing.

Ignition Partners outranks Andreessen Horowitz on list of VC firms with tech company exits

Andreessen Horowitz might be the most famous venture capital firm in the country, possibly the world. The firm has invested in everything from Airbnb to Facebook to Skype.  But...

First Images From ‘Jurassic World’ Set Arrive

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Filming on the next movie in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World, just commenced recently, so of course some pictures have been snapped by those working on the...