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When You Feel Helpless

The other day I stood in line at my local coffee house. I was in a curious mood and just watched the four or five people in front of me … Read More

Without Wax   4 days ago

Don’t Let Hurt Park In Your Life

I’ve noticed lately that so much of my relational energy seems to go toward relationships that have gone wrong.  People that have offended me or betrayed me or that I’ve...

Without Wax  4/1/14 3:25pm

Ruthless Trust

Some of you thought when you became a Christian that you would gain all the answers to life’s difficulties. Here is a reality check and hopefully a pressure release for …...

Without Wax  3/27/14 6:33pm

EASTER Series Resources

About this time every year I start to panic just a little as I begin to land on my Easter message and the series to follow. I’ve got a possible … Read More

Without Wax  3/20/14 1:27pm

Moving Past Your Past: A short Film

I love this short film RELEVANT has adapted from an article I wrote entitled “Moving Past Your Past,” published in the March 2014 issue of RELEVANT Magazine. The...

Without Wax  3/11/14 1:45am

Generosity Makes A Difference

A couple weeks ago at church we started a two week series we entitled “The Fortunate Few”. It was a series on generosity where we tried to help our community …...

Without Wax  3/6/14 12:48pm

In Defense Of The Relationally Challenged Male

I don’t think any of us would argue that there are monumental differences between men and women. Anyone who’s been married longer than seven minutes can probably make...

Without Wax  2/24/14 1:08pm

What Needs Pruning in Your Life?

Earlier this year at Cross Point, we talked about pruning based on this scripture: John 15:1-2   1 “I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. 2 He …...

Without Wax  2/19/14 2:54pm

Trust vs. Clarity

While we often want clarity what we usually need is trust.

Without Wax  2/14/14 2:22pm

You Can’t Exhale What You Haven’t Inhaled
Authenticity Brings Healing

We talked about authenticity at Cross Point on Sunday and about having real and honest community. All of us need healing and there’s something I heard Pastor Rick Warren say...

Without Wax  1/23/14 9:31pm

But God

I continue to be amazed at how it always seems that religion complicates what God has made simple. I was reading in Matthew and was reminded at how often Jesus … Read More

Without Wax  1/6/14 1:54pm

I was reading in the book of Matthew, chapter one, the genealogy of Jesus which most of us at best usually skim through (you know who you are). Included in … Read More

Without Wax  12/21/13 4:00pm

I read a blog post some time ago from my friend, Ian Cron, (when I grow up I want to be able to write like him). It convicted me in … Read More

Without Wax  12/16/13 2:31pm

Mom: Can you share that? Me: I guess I could but why would I want to do that. I remember one of the first values my parents attempted to instill … Read More

Without Wax  12/11/13 2:48pm