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Finding turns neuroanatomy on its head

Harvard neuroscientists have made a discovery that turns 160 years of neuroanatomy on its head.Myelin, the electrical insulating material long known to be essential for the fast...


Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Food Safety; and, Financial Regulation- Friday

Farm Bill Erik Wasson reported yesterday at The Hill’s On the Money Blog that, “Top House Republicans on Thursday pressed departing Health and Human Services Secretary...


Medical News Today

Skull data of Cherokees 'shows how environmental factors shape appearance'

Researchers have assessed skull measurements from eastern and western bands of Cherokee, and found that environmental stressors may have affected their skull development.


Ed's World : Grain Marketing

Delayed Planting and Corn Yields in Minnesota

It is early April and already there is a lot of chatter about getting the crop in the ground in a timely manner. The winter was very cold, and the frost runs very deep. And over...



Ethanol: Bleak Presence, Brighter Future

Ethanol has seemed to have a run of bad luck lately.  First, it hit the blend wall, the maximum of 10% of the total motor fuel supply.  Then the recession curtailed...


Food and Farming Canada

Constructed wetland purifies vineyard waste the natural way

This is the second in a series of stories showcasing the innovative things Ontario farmers are doing on their farms to improve the environment – in honour of Earth Day.Tough...


Purdue Agriculture News

Indiana Horticultural Congress Jan. 21-23

Purdue Extension's annual Indiana Horticultural Congress will be Jan. 21-23 in Indianapolis with sessions designed to meet the needs of fruit, vegetable, wine, organics and...


Agriculture in Van Wert, OH

Dry Weather and Fall Herbicide Options

OSU’s Dr. Mark Loux provided an overview of dealing with fall herbicide applications during dry conditions in the most recent CORN Newsletter. I have summarized a few basic...


Alex Tiller on Agriculture

New Friends...

I was fortunate enough to meet and have dinner with Joel Salatin at the MiNE Conference this week in Denver. 


NYT > Urban Agriculture

Blighted Cities Prefer Razing to Rebuilding

Baltimore and other postindustrial cities are destroying vacant buildings, rather than restoring them, in hopes of stabilizing neighborhoods.