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GEN Adds Eden

GEN manga now hosts the English translated first chapter of independent Japanese manga artist Bash’s religious/fantasy/horror manga serial Eden. Mysterious beings that do...


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Alice in Wonder School by Nagayama Ei and Butterfly Neighbour by Akegami Takara (3L Comic shoujo manga out nau~)

Street date: 16 April 2014 per 3L Comics, although Telor Ceplok special correspondent Lenchan alerted me to Alice in Wonder School out in the wild as early as the 14th. (Some...


Audra Sightings - TCAF 2014

Hey folks! The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is coming up on Mother's Day weekend! However, I don't have a table this year. (I tried! Sorry!) But, I will be wandering at the show...


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Sony Sells Square Enix Stock Due To Sony's Poor Fiscal Health, Not Square Enix

Across the internet today, word is out that Sony is selling all of it's entire stock in Square-Enix; roughly $47 million worth.  Now, mind you, we know that Square-Enix has...


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HappinessCharge Precure! episode 10 blew my mind.

By TheBigN I’ve been enjoying the silly earnestness of HappinessCharge PreCure! in general. It’s not a show that will be winning much praise compared to its fellow...


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ASO Radio: Episode #130

Wow, we did it! Fourteen years of ASO Radio C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-D, completed! Yahoo! All right! PaRappa The Rapper, you gotta believe! Ten seasons finished! Yeah, yeah, yay,...


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Blue Dragon Plus by Ignition - Review

I mentioned in my last post that a review of Blue Dragon Plus would be coming up, and it's about that time. Unfortunately, I got the game 2-3 days after I expected it to get...


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Sweet, my opinion is worth MONEY!!

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Anime Review: 'Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike'

Anime and video games go hand in hand. It's rare that a successful game franchise doesn't get some kind of animated tie-in (Dragonball Z, Devil May Cry,), and many successful...


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THAT’s New Address – We’ve Moved!

Engines, weapons, navigation, communications: check. Systems all green. THAT is cleared for takeoff!Dear Friends and Readers,After much deliberation and hard work, THAT has...


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Uchuu Majin Daikengo 4-6 [Luurah]

Uchuu Majin Daikengo 4-6By LuurahFilesize: 624.3 Mb.Show all torrents for Uchuu Majin Daikengo