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Putting Science in its Place by Mackenzie Cramblit

In some corners of anthropology, it has been said that science studies lacks a robust sense of place. But many capable ethnographers have brought labs, hospital suites, and...


Museum Anthropology

Smuggled Cultural Valuables Returned to Bulgaria

FOCUS News Agency14 April 2014 Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security (SANS), in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, returned cultural valuables, subjects of...


Dienekes' Anthropology Blog

mtDNA history of Oceania (Duggan et al. 2014)

AJHG doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2014.03.014 Maternal History of Oceania from Complete mtDNA Genomes: Contrasting Ancient Diversity with Recent Homogenization Due to the Austronesian...



Language and Societies abstracts, vol. 6 (2014)

The abstracts below are summaries of papers by junior scholars from the 2014 edition of my course, Language and Societies, and presented at the course blog of the same name. The...



Decolonizing Thought in the New World

On the Passing of Norman Girvan and the Continuation of the New World This past Wednesday (April 9, 2014), Norman Girvan passed away after suffering paralyzing injuries on a...


Participant Observation at Its Best: How Max Weber Concluded Nine out of Ten Politicians are Windbags!

It was January 1919, and Max Weber was on a roll in his career as a German politician, journalist, and academic.  Germany had on November 11, 1918, more or less surrendered to...



New protest movements and the mainstreaming of internet politics

New protest movements and the mainstreaming of internet politics: a ground-up comparison of Malaysia, Iceland, Tunisia and Spain Paper to the Anthropology Department seminar,...


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In Extra Rib, a Harbinger of Mammoth’s Doom

The superfluous bone, seen in fossil samples, was a sign of inbreeding and harsh conditions during pregnancy.



Survey for Anthropologists

The Open Anthropology Cooperative exists because back in 2009, a group of like-minded anthropologists from around the world came together to create something genuinely new using a...


Constructing Amusement

Announcing April’s SIMLab Brown Bag talk: Investigating a MMOG community through a social justice framework

Time/Place: April 7th, 2014 @12pm, SIMLab (SOC 016)Speaker: Kelly Bergstrom, York University As with all games, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) are a voluntary...


Baby-led weaning: academic research

Well, haven't blogged for more than a year. Busy, and also more on Twitter and Facebook. But I do miss it a bit.Here is something that may be useful: a brief introduction to...


Golublog: An Anthropology Blog

I am hardcore

Like a year ago I was browsing through the stacks when I came across an essay by Alfred Kroeber’s granddaughter in an edited volume. At the time I was like: I should take...


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By Aaron Swartz. July 2008.   Reposted to honor his goals, to remember him, and to motivate change in the justice system that failed him. His suicide is sad and deeply depressing...



"Chimpanzee" Movie

Disney's Chimpanzee has come out in theaters! The movie was primarily filmed in Ivory Coast with the habituated chimps from the Tai Chimpanzee Project and partially with the...


Teaching Anthropology

Teaching Tips for Newbies: The Heckler

I had a lovely email from one of you out there.  Its that time of year they come...the student hordes.  And for some of you out there, its time to start...


Linguistic Anthropology

Blog has moved to

Hi, this blog is basically defunct these days.  We have all moved over to the official website of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology at