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Learning Curve on the Ecliptic

Tithera Mithera.....?

Best to be topical! Thinking of Easter and the run up to it, into my head popped a rhyme I used to repeat, long ago and far way near the north-eastern coast of England:Tid, Mid,...


Madam Lichtenstein's Cosmic World

Horoscope for the Week of April 21, 2014

The Sun enters Taurus this week and gives us a dash of flair mixed with a dollop of sexiness. Let’s put it in a mixing bow and stir things up. There is no better time than to...


Blue Light Lady

The Cardinal Grand Cross, the Eclipses and YOU!

April 2014 brings to a head the big Cardinal Grand Cross the astrological community has been anticipating and talking about for years now.  To punctuate the full meaning of it...


Joyce Hopewell Astrological Chart Interpretations

The Uranus/Pluto Square Dance

Square exact 21.4 2014. Chart set for noon, London The ongoing dance between Uranus and Pluto continues. As you'll see from the chart, it's moving towards a square dance, with the...


Silverwheel Astrology

April 2014 Horoscopes

April 2014 is a mega month astrologically. Two eclipses and a rare, potent planet line-up means it's a meaty kind of month that can bring out the best in you, as well as some...


Just released on "Lifting the Veil; Becoming Your Own Best Astrologer"

 The Book is finally out! And....I'm birthing it by giving a Workshop~ Come if you are near Newport, Rhode Island~ “What’s happening with me now?” In this...


Celebrity Astrologer Neil D Paris

The Centre of the Wheel is Best: The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

Here's the simple breakdown (even though this particular Time-Period is anything but simple as seen from Planet Earth):Picture a magician proclaiming this...


The Weather Alternative

Tropical Cyclone Hadi

In December 2013, I was commissioned to prepare forecasts for eastern Australia covering the month of March 2014. I had warned the interested party that during the time between...


Demystifying the Aquarian Age

Why Astrology is Becoming More Acceptable

Based on an article by Edward Snow in the Astrology News Service, the (US) National Science Foundation (NSF) reports that Americans in 2012 are less sceptical of astrology...


Holistic Astrologer Blog

Natal Venus and Your Relationship Effectiveness

In your natal chart, Venus shows how you need to relate to others in order to be most effective.Venus is the glue that attracts others to us and makes them want to stay in a...


Astrology Mundo

Welcome, Grayson Hamilton!

Here’s the chart of my great nephew, born this afternoon in Texas!


Traditional astrology

Life patterns

When I was about 7, my mother took me to visit a music teacher in the city centre. The teacher lived on the top floor in a 5-storey building, and while they were having a chat, I...


Cosmic Potentials

July 2011 horoscopes

Aries Your mind is buzzing with ideas on ways to improve your living environment - to the dismay of your family or housemates. Watch how you spend your hard-earned cash; listen...



35,000 Years old Star Map From Germany

Where does the knowledge of astronomy and astrology descend from? How is it that no one ever forgot about Orion and His belt, yet we forgot how? Still I can pin point his belt,...


Astrology by Kingsley

The Constellation of Edith de Burgh

The many people who know Edith de Burgh will tell you about her unique sense of humour and great “Master of Ceremony” skills.  Edith is also a very good local Astrologer here...


Random Acts of Frivolity

Happy Aboriginal Day!

It's a good day to be Indigenous...