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Police: Man douses girlfriend in perfume, sets her afire

A Pennsylvania man accused of pouring perfume on his girlfriend and setting her on fire in an apparent domestic dispute was arrested Saturday, Pittsburgh's WTAE reported.


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UK Deferred Prosecution Agreements Code of Practice Published

The Serious Fraud Office has issued a code of practice for deferred prosecution agreements, which are now available as an alternative to conviction for certain white-collar...


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Monsters Among Us: Robert P. MacMichael III killed 3 people, sentenced to LWOP

Ashley Howley Victims Ashley Howley [6/162004] estranged girlfriend Barbara MacMichael-Rush [12/26/2004] mother Greg Bartee [12/26/2004] mother’s boyfriend Son held in...


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The Feds Go Stark Raving Mad

A couple of days ago, I said that race mongering had gone stark raving mad, by comparing Martin Luther King unfavorably to sneering cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.Tonight I have to...


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Kidnapping Statistics in Mexico as of Feb 2014

Based on statistics about kidnapping released in Mexico, there were 4,051 kidnapping victims across Mexico that were officially reported to criminal justice programs between...


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RIP Phyllis Frelich

Tony Award-winning actress Phyllis Frelich passed away on Thursday, April 10 at the age of 70. Frelich is familiar to fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for her guest-starring...


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Wasn’t In a Cigarette Though

Possessiveness is a dangerous aspect of relationships that is often romanticized. While everyone wants someone who cares, nobody wants someone constantly looking through his/her...


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The Embarrassment Of The George Zimmerman Verdict

The result of a verdict today in a criminal trial is that everyone with a twitter or Facebook account gets to let the world know how ignorant they are of the criminal justice...