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CATURDAY: I Haz Killed It Maybe

[I hadda make it stop and I did make it stop but then it came back with the bad music so I haz to kill it some more.] Say OMG!Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caturday,...


The Daily Kitten

Patches's Kittens: Vicki [redux] - April 12, 2014

Patches's Kittens: Vicki [redux]Courtesy of: Michelle Peters Spivack


The Daily Cute

Excited Kitten Needs Attention

Baby: “Mom! Mom! Are you watching, Mom? Look! Look! I’m gonna get it this time! Are you looking?” Mom: “Yes, dear. I’m watching. Very good.”...


The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Two Little Piggies

This weekend, both little girls completed the transition to solid food!  This is a major milestone!  Hazel figured it out fast, but it didn't come as easy for Effie. She...


[Blue Hawaii] Gizmo the Easter Bunny

Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Sunday Star-Advertiser on April 13th! Admittedly, it's a little early for Easter, but since I don't get that weekend, I figured I should run with...


BarkingDogShoes | Reviews and Deals - Comfortable Shoes for Women

Comfortable Closed-Toe Narrow Shoes for Spring

To piggyback on my last post about footwear for the narrow-footed, I've found five closed-toe options: four in light hues for spring and one in classic black. Of course these come...


jars of cute

Butter Better by Yeong Keun Jeong

Thumbs (and toes) up to designer Yeong Keun Jeong for the absolutely rad concept and packaging design of Butter! Better! ...


Daisy the Curly Cat

We are so very thankful

This post is a little bit hard for me to write because we are saying a good bye, of a sort. After lots and lots of soul searching, my Mommeh and Harley and I have decided to we...



Duke City Mamas

Duke City Mamas is having a 50% off everything sale and the shop won’t be restocked until the new year so be quick!         All you need to do is enter...


Snorable - Your daily dose of cute dogs and puppies

5 weeks old little Bulldog

This little ball of Snorable is named Barça. Thanks Margarita!


oh my so cute

Pretty handmade embroidered silk ribbon flower necklace pendants

Copyright © Look what I’ve found at Etsy today! These handmade embroidered silk ribbon necklace pendants! Embroidered rose, daisy, iris, lily,...


Too Cute Pugs

An oldie but not a goodie

Pearl here!Well, I was not happy to find this picture of me on mommy's computer. What the heck was she thinking putting a sock on my head?! I can't remember because this picture...


Best Kisses

Just Drive

Just Drive (Matanzas, Cuba) by Victor Babintsev


Cute Overload


First we had the Kitteh Slide treadmill... NOW, it's the HAMSTER IN A WOK! IT NEVER ENDS! Literally! Sthuper Sthender-Inner Josh N., you are a FOUNTAIN of well, unrelentingness