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Truth In Shredding

Derryl Gabel: How to Memorize the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard

Check out this cool lesson from Derryl Gabel and also please check out his fusion guitar lessons in DVD: more info and lessons you can...


Guitar Blog

Unknown 1960s four-pickup leftie guitar - Can anyone help identify? This 1960s four-pickup leftie solidbody guitar looks in need of a little TLC and a renovation! But what is it? Does anyone out there recognise it? My...


Learning Guitar Now

1966 Fender Vibrolux Replacement Speaker Shootout

For some time now my 1966 Fender Vibrolux has been developing what is called “Cone Cry”. It’s more pronounced when using humbucker guitars, and after...


Leo Kottke's California Dunk Tank

I'm not sure why it's called a "dunk tank" but I suppose it's better than a drunk tank. Nonetheless, fans of Leo Kottke will be excited to learn that they can spend 5 days this...


About Guitar

Learn to Play a Travis Picking Pattern

Looking to learn a new guitar fingerpicking pattern? The Travis Picking style is a great place to start - it has been used by guitarists across almost all styles of music. Learn...


Guitar Lifestyle

Fretboard Journal Interview with David Grier

Even though David Grier is based out of Nashville, I don’t know much about his music. The Fretboard Journal recently spent an hour or so speaking with Grier about guitar and...


Fretbase: Guitars, Tabs, Chords and More

Larrivee OM-40R Video Review

We are big fans of orchestra model guitars here at Fretbase, so you can imagine how drawn we were to the Larrivee OM-40R after watching this video review.  Enjoy.


Hamer Guitars

The Smart and Simple Strat

Seems like as always, I’ve touched a nerve. This month’s column for Premier Guitar is my take on the Fender Startocaster. Those of you who know me are probably tired of...



Guitar Lessons with Randy Rhoads

At age 9 Janet Robin was Randy Rhoads's youngest guitar student. In this Guitarkadia exclusive guest post, Robin shares a few stories.


Acoustic Guitar Player

Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor Acoustic


Everything Else...

Zoom R16

Zoom R16by Will ChenThe ChallengeSo, my group the Will Chen Trio was in the planning stages of recording our first "album" (more like an EP, but not sure if any of these terms...


The Guitar Resource

kosmetyki na prezent

Ostatnio nieporuszony się modne, rzeczywiście samo kiedy zdrowy metoda życia azaliż pomysł na prezent pokarm ekologiczna. Co to są ekokosmetyki? Czy są istotnie samo...


Guitar Friendly

The (not so) Tiny Terror: Hell’s Holy Grail

During the late nineties and into the new millennium, touring guitarists and studio musicians were returning the glory of a low wattage amp. In Rock n Roll's infancy, guitarists...


What's That Dude Play?

Amptweaker sets TightFuzz debut

James at Amptweaker has a new pedal that will debut at the Summer NAMM show next month in Nashville –...


GuitaroJam News

Three Parts Oils, One Part Femmes make THE BREAK

It’s a union that will delight music fans, surf rats, and festival goers alike.Midnight Oil’s Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie and Martin Rotsey have joined with bass player,...


The Classical Guitar Blog

Interview with Michael Karmon, composer

Michael Karmon is a California-based composer who dedicates much of his output to the classical guitar. We sat down (virtually) for a little interview about his background,...