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#FabergeEaster - #DailyJewel Spotlight on Faberge!!!

When you think Easter you think Eggs - when you think Eggs you think Faberge!!!!Faberge has been known for decades as the company that created the bejeweled eggs of the Russian...


Jewelry Insiderâ„¢

MTV Movie Awards: Jewelry, Fashion, & Beauty Trends

The MTV Movie Awards took place just this past weekend. Didn't have time to watch? No worries! We're here to bring you photos and conversation about the awards red-carpet trends....


Tucson Gem Show - Live!

#TucsonGemShow - Jeffrey Bergman Brings a Rare Treat To Tucson, Burmese Trapiche Sapphire

Jeffrey Bergman has been collecting trapiche sapphires for over a decade and has assembled the largest collection known, rivaling the quality of pieces in the finest museum...


The Jewelry Blog

Oscar Nominees and the Cluny Grey Jewelry They Should Wear

As I was looking at the Oscar nominees for this year, I thought about what Cluny Grey jewelry I would choose for several of them, not for the Oscars, of course, since Harry...



That's All She Read: The French Blue, by Richard W. Wise

That's All She Read: The French Blue, by Richard W. Wise


Jonara Blu Maui

Wordless Wednesday - Panda Bear!

My fur child..not a real panda..but yes a baby goat with a shirt on (it was cold)See more wordless wednesday posts here on the wordless Wednesday blogand here on...


Marjorie's Cracked Plate Jewelry

Oriental rice bowl broken china pendant

This pendant is designed from an Oriental rice bowl. If you look carefully, you can see the pieces of rice that are right in the bowl. Very unique. The pendant is wrapped...


For the Love of Jewels...

Jeweler, Metalsmith, Goldsmith, Silversmith? What are we?

Naked JewelryUnless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the Orchid network for jewelry professional and hobbyists. This online forum is one of the most...


The Accessory Files

WE HAVE A NEW HOME...........