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Teazle Fredenburgh obituary

My mother, Teazle Fredenburgh, who has died aged 104, was passionately interested in people and their cultures, and in the world events that affected and involved them.She was...



Top five hip hop references in poetry

By David CaplanHip hop has influenced a generation of poets coming to prominence, poets I call “The Inheritors of Hip Hop.” Signaling how the music serves as a shared...


Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall

Paper or Pixel?

I've just launched a discussion in The Hive (sub req) about the transformation from reading paper books to digital books. Baffling as it is to me, since for decades I was not only...


Media Matters for America

NY Post Reaches New Lows With Letter To Chelsea Clinton's Baby

The New York Post reached new lows publishing "an open letter to Chelsea Clinton's fetus" -- rather than simply reporting on Clinton's recently...

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Pakistani TV station under closure threat after presenter is shot

A Pakistani TV station with millions of viewers, Geo News, is under threat of closure by the government.It followed the broadcasting of allegations that the country's spy agency,...



Daily Must Reads, April 17, 2014

1. Barry Diller: Broadcasters don’t own the airwaves but they still want to stop you from watching via devices (Barry Diller / Wall Street Journal) 2. Al Franken wants...



1940-2014: Michael Janeway, former editor of The Boston Globe, The Atlantic Monthly

The Boston Globe | The AtlanticMichael Janeway, former editor of The Boston Globe and executive editor of The Atlantic Monthly, died Thursday at his home in Lakeville,...

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Rick Perry's extreme makeover

He wants voters to forget, or at least not dwell on, his disastrous 2012 presidential bid.


Lost Remote

MTV makes first big announcement for 2014 VMAs on social media

MTV is once again using #RoadToTheVMAs across social media to tease big announcements for their annual tent-pole event. MTV started this trend last year when the awards came to...


Lost Remote

‘Scandal’ Finale Scores Big on Twitter

As we reported, the “Scandal” season finale created some great moments both on-air and between show stars and fans. The last episode also scored big Twitter...


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Shekhar Gupta dedicates book to Viveck Goenka

      Indian Express editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta‘s much-awaited book, Anticipating India, a compilation of his Saturday columns, has seen a change of cover. At left...


The Big Picture

Earth Day 2014

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day events are held across the globe to inspire us to appreciate the world we live in and protect our environment. Conservation of natural...

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Why Should the Fire Die?

Six years ago at the Ryman, I shot this grainy video of Nickel Creek‘s last song of their last stop of their farewell (“for now”) concert tour. (Here’s my...


Common Sense Journalism

AP Style - spell out those state names

I'm not sure why there's all this kerfuffle over AP's directive today that as of May 1 the style is to spell out all state names in text.It is after all the World Wide Web. We've...



A German business model

You will never find a finer example of a certain German business model popular in the internet age than in an open letter to Google’s Eric Schmidt written by Mathias...



Recommended Reading: Heartbleed Edition

NYT developers share their recommendations from around the web.