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Why Bitcoin May Not Be For Small Businesses

Bitcoin, virtual currency, has awesome potential. It’s used by people to buy and sell all over the world. It’s great, however, it’s fraught with problems. One of the biggest...


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5 Ways You're Losing Customers (and How to Win Them Back)

Retailers are losing customers daily because they are failing to get the basics right. See why you're putting your customers off, and how you can win them back.


You're the Boss

Up for Discussion: How to Create an Advisory Board

Should advisers be compensated?


Dear Rich: Nolo's Patent, Copyright & Trademark Blog

Can We Use Video of Seal Slaughter?

Dear Rich: Certain large charities have video footage of government-sanctioned killing of wildlife. It costs a lot of money to be able to get this footage. Thus small charities...


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Spanish banks face tough rivalry in small companies bet

MADRID (Reuters) - Across Spain, the message is hard to miss in office windows showcasing offers: banks want to lend to small companies again.


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Get Organized! The 9 Best To-Do List Apps for 2014

The right to-do list app can help you become more organized and more productive. We've compiled a list of our nine favorites -- one of these apps is surely right for you!



Won't Be Biz-y For A While

One year ago, I began to write and edit Bizbox. Now, one year later, it's time for Bizbox to stop being quite as biz-y. The site will be going on hiatus. A thank you to former...